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How are the fees determined?

Websites are built based on the amount of time it is estimated to take for the team to build them. So there is not a set fee we can quote you ahead of time. 

Our website designers will talk to you and find out what you want your website to look like first. Then we will give you the price it will cost us to build it. It helps to have some examples ready for us to see to make sure and the web design team are on the same page. 

Where do you build the website?

Websites are built on both a hosting site and a software platform. You need both of these in order to have a website. You pay a monthly or yearly fee for the web hosting service (GoDaddy for example). We have no relationship with a hosting service and encourage you to search for the best deal on the services. We will offer guidance if you would like the help. Normally we tell you the questions to ask of the sales reps. 

Once that is done our website builder builds the website using a free platform known as WordPress. The FREE website part is what allows us to keep our prices lower than the competition. No strings, and no ongoing fees like they charge!

Is there a way to make the fees cheaper?

If you are willing to do some of the work yourself it can save us the time. If we save time you can save money. You can provide the pictures, you can help us write some of the content. All these little things can add up to a lot of saved time. 


If we already have a website that was not built on wordpress, will you still help us fix it?

Yes! For any of our website audit work, or to tune up and fix your existing site the platform doesn’t matter. We will explore and offer advice on most of the major website builders and platforms including Joomla, Wix, Weebly, and Go Daddy to name a few. We even have performed audits on industry style “form websites” that are often found in the real estate or legal field. If you have one of those type websites, often sold by a 3rd party company, you probably need our help. Badly! These are typically expensive and ineffective.

What do you mean you will teach us?

We want you to be able to update and maintain the websites we build or to take control of the online marketing campaigns. We do that one of two ways. We can either provide you with a written tutorial or we will schedule a hands on training session as well as provide you the tutorial. You will have all the tools you want or need in order to take control of your digital marketing. 

We bet our competition isn’t offering you that! 

do we have to be in monroe, michigan to have you build a website for us or take advantage of your marketing services?

You can be anywhere in the world and use our services! We call ourselves Monroe Website Design and Marketing because this is our home base. But the beauty of the internet is you can get clients anywhere at any time. That’s the entire point of a website. It’s why YOU want one too! We can work with you regardless of location. We can build websites for you anyplace in Michigan. We can build for anyone and anywhere. We have built websites for a workout gym in South Carolina, lawyers in Michigan, and even a college baseball team in Kentucky.

If you need help with anything online: websites, digital marketing, audits, shopping ads, social media, and analytics then we can and want to work with you. So stop waiting- contact us today!